Check out any of Van Holten's great pickle product lines to find what fits your needs.  All of them are Dill-Icious!

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Sit back, put your feet up and take in the wonders of the Pickle-in-a-Pouch. It's all here – our complete line of individually wrapped pickles from our original varieties to our colorful family of Character Pickles. What do we mean by "colorful"? Check out our "Meet VH" page to find out!

At Van Holten's, we've been making quality pickle products since 1898 and are the world's number one producer of individually wrapped pickles. Locally grown and produced in Wisconsin, our varieties of mouth-watering pickles include: dill, kosher, hot, sour, chamoy and Tapatio. Our individually wrapped pickles are the perfect snack with no fat, low carbs, low calorie, and gluten free.

We have used our Dill-Icious brine for two new products called Pickleback and Pickle-Ice. Pickleback is a great mixer, chaser shot or Bloody Mary ice cube. Available in a 1 Liter bottle. Pickle-Ice can be enjoyed frozen or unfrozen as an athletic supplement that helps rehydrate and prevent cramps.

Pickle Cutz is our newest pickle product. The refrigerated product is a grab & go snack featuring ½” thick, crinkle cut pickle slices in both dill and spicy flavors.

Dill Pickle-In-A-Pouch Case